Jenifer L

"Days of Grace"

With two young teens, Jeni discovered she had an aggressive breast cancer. Only in her thirties, and a small business owner, she was shaken to her core. Trials come to us all. It is how you handle them that makes you a hero. Jeni has used her life to change and encourage women, men and their families when they hear those words, “It’s cancer.” She looks at the time as her “days of grace”. She began speaking and advocating for families and women with breast cancer. She was voted the president-elect for the Susan G. Komen foundation in Maine. Her Husband, Thom, went back to school for Radiology to show his support and love for cancer patients. Their oldest daughter is about to graduate college where her thesis is how hospitals can educate and support cancer patients and families through cancer treatments. The Lloyd family has used the words “It’s cancer” to change lives. Jeni never complains of her “luck”, but uses all her trials including life with cancer, and surviving cancer, to effect change. She makes me look at the world with new eyes, and in her crazy busy life, she has shown me that a trial of any kind can be a chance to make change in your life and others. She is my hero…not only did she beat cancer; she fights with those who have it, works to defeat it, and encourages those who she touches.